Cloakroom 'Time Well' vinyl 2LP pre-order (release date 18th August)


Cloakroom 'Time Well' vinyl 2LP pre-order (release date 18th August)


Cloakroom - 'Time Well' double vinyl LP with full album download code.

This 2LP is released on Friday 18th August.

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Tracklisting -

1.  Gone But Not Entirely
2.  Big World
3.  Concrete Gallery
4.  Seedless Star
5.  Sickle Moon Blues
6.  Hymnal
7.  The Sun Won't Let Us Go
8.  Time Well
9.  52Hz Whale
10.  The Passenger

Inspired by the harsh, rural landscapes of Indiana which they call home, Cloakroom drift through a range of emotions and styles on their sophomore full-length Time Well. Fuzzy and depressive. Expressive and expansive. An amalgam of doomy stoner rock, psychedelic shoegaze and moody, pop-influenced, sonic abrasion, Time Well is 10 songs and 60+ minutes of crunchy, guitar-driven atmosphere and downbeat rhythms layered atop deceptively sweet and tranquil melodies. At times crushingly heavy, others gorgeously contemplative, Cloakroom write music with purpose and intent; to dissolve from this world into an infinite blur.

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