Paul Haslinger 'Halt And Catch Fire' Original Soundtrack LP


Paul Haslinger 'Halt And Catch Fire' Original Soundtrack LP


'Halt And Catch Fire' original soundtrack composed by Paul Haslinger on black vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve with printed inner.

Tracklisting -

1 Golden Gate
2 A Wolf In Unix
3 The Scenic Route
4 First Day On The Job
5 It Speaks
6 Reverse Engineering
7 Security Is A Myth
8 The Morning After
9 Rooftop Fireworks
10 I Need A Little Time
11 Western Arrivals
12 The Slingshot
13 10broad36
14 The Way In
15 Run Time
16 Last Nerve
17 Gordon Steals A Cabbage Patch
18 The Cost Of Doing Business
19 Joe's Truth
20 Go Get The Bike
21 The End Of Donna's Day
22 It's Not Right
23 MacMillan Utility

AMC’s hit series ‘Halt And Catch Fire’ captures the rise of the PC-era during the early 80s and the technology revolution. Nominated by Vox as the best show in 2016, it’s “a potent look back at the earliest days of the internet that also glimpsed, through some hazy curtain, the world we live in right now.” Acclaimed for its exceptional soundtrack by former Tangerine Dream musician and award winning composer, Paul Haslinger has created a period-appropriate synth score that admirably sets the mood and tone of the bygone era. Revisiting his time in the pioneering electronic band during the mid-80s, the Austrian composer writes with a uniquely knowledgeable yet less overtly nostalgic ear that keeps the show’s current audience in mind.

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