Tubular Brass 'Tubular Bells' coloured vinyl LP


Tubular Brass 'Tubular Bells' coloured vinyl LP


Tubular Brass 'Tubular Bells' blue and white speckled coloured vinyl LP from the Tubular Brass Recordings label.

Tracklisting -

Side One: 
Tubular Bells Part 1 

Side Two: 
Tubular Bells Part 2


An expertly and beautifully crafted rendition of Mike Oldfield’s chart smashing, highly influential prog masterpiece.  The grandeur, wonder and wide spectrum of moods from the original are lovingly preserved yet radically different, whilst also adding a fresh clarity, sparkle and deeply rich hues. The majestic euphony created by this 28-piece ensemble has far more in common with an orchestra (in sonics and scope), than with what one might perceive as traditional brass band sounds.

Tubular Brass is a new brass band created to perform contemporary music and develop collaborations with artists from across the musical spectrum. Whilst firmly rooted in the brass tradition and featuring some of the UK's finest players, Tubular Brass aims to bring brass band music to a new audience, by creating extraordinary projects. The players are drawn from both the brass band and orchestral fields, and are helmed by the award winning horn player, arranger and professor Sandy Smith.

Tubular Bells features a guest cameo by acclaimed solo artist, Magnetic North member, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve and John Foxx collaborator Hannah Peel, who contributes an improvised synthesizer solo.

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