Chivalrous Amoekons 'Fanatic Voyage' LP

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cover_chivamoekons_fan - Copie.jpg

Chivalrous Amoekons 'Fanatic Voyage' LP


Chivalrous Amoekons - 'Fanatic Voyage' LP on the Sea Note label.

Tracklisting -

1 The Curse
2 Love Letter
3 Big Zombie
4 (Sometimes I feel like) Fletcher Christian
5 Thee Olde Trip to Jerusalem
6 I Am Crazy
7 Last Dance
8 Fantastic Voyage
9 One X One
10 Chivalry

Featuring the playing and singing of Ben Boye, Van Campbell, Danny Kiely, Emmett “The Cairo Gang” Kelly, Angel Olsen and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Fanatic Voyage is an exquisite tribute not just to The Mekons, but to the spirit and image of rock and roll, the rights of the righteous man and to time, that great elevator and annihilator, from which we will always have much to learn. In the spirit as well of The Mekons to pay forward to the next generation with all efforts, proceeds from the sale of these recordings will go to Roots of Music in New Orleans, Louisiana, whose work empowers local youth through music education, academic support and mentorship, while preserving and promoting the unique music and cultural heritage of their city, which has transformed so many lives already.

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