Africa Express 'EGOLI' 2LP

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Africa Express 'EGOLI' 2LP


Africa Express - ‘EGOLI’ double vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

1. Welcome Feat. Phuzekhemisi

2. City In Lights Feat. Georgia, Mahotella Queens, Otim Alpha & Nick Zinner

3. The River Feat. Muzi, Zola 7 & Mahotella Queens

4. Bittersweet Escape Feat. Mr. Jukes, Nonku Phiri & Bcuc

5. Johannesburg Feat. Gruff Rhys, Morena Leraba, Radio 123 & Sibot

6. Become The Tiger Feat. Sibot, Damon Albarn & Mr. Jukes

7. Africa To The World Feat. Infamous Boiz, Dominowe, Otim Alpha, Mahotella Queens, Nick Zinner, Remi Kabaka & Radio 123

8. Absolutely Everything Is Pointing Towards The Light Feat. Gruff Rhys & Zolani Mahola

9. Where Will This Lead Us To? Feat. Moonchild Sanelly, Radio 123 & Blue May

10. Mama Feat. Otim Alpha, Georgia & Radio 123

11. No Games Feat. Sho Madjozi, Poté, Moonchild Sanelly, Ghetts, Muzi & Radio 123

12. Morals Feat. Moonchild Sanelly, Mahotella Queens, Muzi & Mr. Jukes

13. Taranau Feat. Otim Alpha & Gruff Rhys

14. The Return Of Bacardi Feat. Dj Spoko & Faka

15. Sizi Freaks Feat. Infamous Boiz & Moonchild Sanelly

16. Twirl Feat. Poté & Ghetts*

17. I Can’T Move Feat. Damon Albarn, Moonchild Sanelly, Mr. Jukes, Sibot & Blue May

18. See The World Feat. Mahotella Queens, Damon Albarn & Gruff Rhys

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