Alkaline Trio 'Is This Thing Cursed?' ltd coloured vinyl LP

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Alkaline Trio 'Is This Thing Cursed?' ltd coloured vinyl LP


Alkaline Trio - ‘Is This Thing Cursed?’ limited half black & half bone coloured vinyl LP.

This coloured vinyl edition is exclusively available from indie stores like us.

Please note that we will only sell 1 copy per customer/household on this release, multiple orders will be cancelled.

Tracklisting -

A1. Is This Thing Cursed?

A2. Blackbird

A3. Demon and Division

A4. Little Help?

A5. I Can't Believe

A6. Sweet Vampires

A7. Pale Blue Ribbon

B1. Goodbye Fire Island

B2. Stay

B3. Heart Attacks

B4. Worn So Thin

B5. Throw Me To The Lions

B6. Krystalline

Across two decades, eight albums, and a multitude of singles, splits, and EPs, Alkaline Trio has built a reputation as a defining act in punk rock’s modern era. Formed in Chicago by vocalist-guitarist Matt Skiba in 1996, the band would come into its own with its debut album Goddammit in 1998. Since then, the band has continually evolved, incorporating new influences with each record while achieving artistic, critical, and commercial success along the way.

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