Audiobooks 'Now! (In A Minute)' LP


Audiobooks 'Now! (In A Minute)' LP


Audiobooks - ‘Now! (In A Minute) vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

1. Mother Hen

2. Hot Salt

3. It Get Be So Swansea

4. Friends In The Bubble Bath

5. Womanly Blood

6. Grandma Jimmy

7. Dance Your Life Away

8. Call Of Duty Free

9. Period Talk

10. Spooky Algorithms

11. Dealing With Hoarders

12. Car Sick

13. Pebbles

The London based duo have developed a unique ability to conjure up magical aural snapshots that wallop you like bong hits. Each of their discombobulating observations comes stretched out over a series of discomfiting oscillations, like messages from the spirit world or pulp fictions found in a box at the end of your road or a crackling pop broadcast from a far away galaxy.

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