The Adicts ‘And It Was So!’ LP

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The Adicts ‘And It Was So!’ LP


The Adicts - ‘And It Was So!’ vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

1. Picture The Scene
2. Fucked Up World
3. Talking Shit
4. If You Want It
5. Gospel According To Me
6. Gimme Something To Do
7. Love Sick Baby
8. And It Was So!
9. Deja Vu
10. I Owe You
11. Wanna Be
12. You’ll Be The Death Of Me

More relevant than ever before, the classic kings of punk The Adicts have returned with astounding intensity on their latest release, ‘And It Was So’. Genuine punk rock has always been based around sending a message but more importantly it’s about remaining true to your roots and for decades, The Adicts have never tried to become anything but what they truly are; raw, unadulterated punk rock.

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