Iggy Pop 'Bookies Club 870' 2LP

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Iggy Pop - Bookies Club 870.jpg
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Iggy Pop 'Bookies Club 870' 2LP


Iggy Pop - ‘Bookies Club 870’ double vinyl.

Tracklisting -

1. Raw Power

2. I Wanna Be Your Dog

3. Dog Food

4. TV Eye

5. Shake Appeal

6. Puppet World

7. Knocking ‘Em Down (In the City)

8. Lust For Life

9. One For My Baby (And One More for The Road)

10. Search & Destroy

11. Take Care of Me

12. Funtime

13. Nightclubbing

14. I’m Alright

Issued legally for the first time ever, licensed from Iggy Pop. Audio restored and speed corrected. One of the famous “Week Run“ at Detroit’s famous club. Recorded by local radio during a string of dates in small U.S clubs after the lengthy ‘Soldier’ World Tour. Features Stooges classics “I Wanna Be Your Dog”, “TV Eye”, “Search & Destroy”, “Raw Power” & “Shake Appeal”! As well as Iggy solo singles “Lust for Life” & “Nightclubbing”

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