Various Artists 'Wigan Casino Soul Club' LP reissue

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Various Artists 'Wigan Casino Soul Club' LP reissue


Various Artists - ‘Wigan Casino Soul Club’ vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

Side 1 -

1. Clarence Murray "Let's Get On With It"

2. The Appreciations "I Can't Hide It"

3. The Ringleaders "Baby, What Has Happened To Our Love"

4. The Jerms "I'm A Teardrop"

5. The Ohio Players "Love Slipped Thru My Fingers"

6. Blanch Carter "Halos Are For Angels"

7. Little Johnny Blair "Momma's Gone"

8. Skull Snaps "I'm Your Pimp"

Side 2 -

1. The Inspiration "Your Wish Is My Command"

2. The Young Savages "(Shake Me) Can I Be Dreamin' ?"

3. Little Richie "Just Another Heartache"

4. Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs "Being Without You"

5. Ron Holden "I'll Forgive And Forget"

6. Johnny Dynamite "The Night The Angels Cried"

7. The Combinations "What'cha Gonna Do ?"

8. The C.O.D's "She's Fire"

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