CLOVES 'One Big Nothing' LP pre-order (release date 1st February)


CLOVES 'One Big Nothing' LP pre-order (release date 1st February)


CLOVES - ‘One Big Nothing’ 180g vinyl LP.

This LP is released on Friday 1st February.

We are taking orders for this LP - guarantee your copy now!

All preorders will be sent so that you will receive it on release date (UK only and subject to Royal Mail delivery).

Tracklisting -

1. Bringing The House Down

2. Wasted Time

3. Better Now

4. California Numb

5. Hit Me Hard

6. Frail Love

7. Kiss Me In The Dark

8. Up And Down

9. Dont You Wait

10. One Big Nothing

One Big Nothing is rough around the edges, wobbly journey to self-growth. When life feels like it's teaching you lessons slowly and painfully, one at a time like pulling teeth. When you come out the other side you're a different person. For experiences with such an effect for me, there's such a satisfying contentment to be so dismissive, to keep moving 

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