Deer Tick 'Mayonnaise' LP + 7" pre-order (release date 1st February)


Deer Tick 'Mayonnaise' LP + 7" pre-order (release date 1st February)


Deer Tick - ‘Mayonnaise’ vinyl LP with bonus 7”.

This LP is released on Friday 1st February.

We are taking orders for this LP - guarantee your copy now!

All preorders will be sent so that you will receive it on release date (UK only and subject to Royal Mail delivery).

Tracklisting -

1. Spirals

2. Limp Right Back (Alternate Version)

3. White City (The Pogues cover)

4. Old Lady

5. Run Of The Mill (George Harrison cover)

6. Strange, Awful Feeling

7. End Of The World (Alternate Version)

8. Hey! Yeah!

9. Pale Blue Eyes (Velvet Underground cover)

10. Memphis Chair

11. Too Sensitive For This World (Ben Vaughn cover)

Bonus 7"

12. Doomed From The Start (Alternate Version)

13. Cocktail (feat. Spencer Cullum Jr. of Steelism)

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