Ex:Re 'Ex:Re' LP pre-order (release date 1st February)


Ex:Re 'Ex:Re' LP pre-order (release date 1st February)


Ex:Re - ‘Ex:Re’ vinyl LP.

This LP is released on Friday 1st February.

We are taking orders for this LP - guarantee your copy now!

All preorders will be sent so that you will receive it on release date (UK only and subject to Royal Mail delivery).

Tracklisting -

1. Where The Time Went

2. Crushing

3. New York

4. Romance

5. The Dazzler

6. Too Sad

7. Liar

8. I Can't Keep You

9. 5AM

10. My Heart

Running parallel to her band ‘Daughter’, she’s assumed the pseudonym Ex:Re (pronounced ex ray) for her eponymously-titled debut solo album, a deeply personal record that was made with both a sense of urgency and a cathartic need.

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