Gabriel Kahane 'Book Of Travelers' LP pre-order (release date 7th September)


Gabriel Kahane 'Book Of Travelers' LP pre-order (release date 7th September)


Gabriel Kahane - 'Book Of Travelers' 140g vinyl LP.

This LP is released on Friday 7th September.

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Tracklisting -

1. November

2. Baltimore

3. Model Trains

4. Baedeker

5. Friends of Friends of Bill

6. 8980

7. Little Love

8. What If I Told You

9. October 1, 1939 / Port of Hamburg

10. Singing with a Stranger

Nonesuch Records releases the label debut of composer, pianist, and singer Gabriel Kahane, Book Of Travelers. The album comprises a ten-song musical travelogue Kahane wrote after the journey he embarked upon the day after the 2016 presidential election: a looping, 8,980-mile railway journey through the United States. He left behind his cell phone and other internet-connected devices, spending the next two weeks with dozens of strangers whose stories are woven into the cycle. The music is drawn from a longer work that has been performed at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), among other venues, as 8980: Book Of Travelers, a production conceived in collaboration with director Daniel Fish and designer Jim Findlay (set and video design) with lighting by Mark Barton.

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