Howe Gelb 'Further Standards' LP pre-order (release date 24th November)


Howe Gelb 'Further Standards' LP pre-order (release date 24th November)


Howe Gelb - 'Further Standards' vinyl LP with full album download code on the Fire Records label.

This LP is released on Friday 24th November.

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Tracklisting -

1. Presumptuous
2. All you Need to Know
3. Clear (new version)
4. Irresponsible Lovers (new version)
5. Impossible Thing (new version)
6. Relevant (new version)
7. Sweet Confusion(live)
8. Clear (live)
9. May You Never Fall In Love (live)
10. Irresponsible Lovers (live)
11. A Book You've Read Before (live)
12. Ownin' It (live)
13. Terribly So (live)
Download Extras
1. Not the End of the World
2. Gypse Candle
3. Severe Seasons

'After a year of taking these new piano standards on the road, we now have a better sense of how they roll off the fingertips. As we enter our second year performing these pieces from “Future Standards”, the material has taken on the sonic patina of precisely the intention of the title. This new album now takes inventory by adding Lonna Kelley to several of the original tracks from “Future Standards” to ‘up’ the previous standard. Further, it offers evidence of how these standards hold up live in concert one recent steamy night in London. But first this new album begins with 2 new songs: “Presumptuous”, recorded with mute piano and whispered warble, suggests heartbreak is a setup from the get go. “All You Need to Know”, playfully interrogates the notion of love with suggested orchestration and yip. This album is meant to evoke its own lush standard a little further down the road in a future just a breadth beyond now.' - Howe Gelb

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