Ian William Craig 'Thresholder' LP pre-order (release date 2nd November)


Ian William Craig 'Thresholder' LP pre-order (release date 2nd November)


Ian William Craig - ‘Thresholder’ vinyl LP.

This LP is released on Friday 2nd November.

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Tracklisting -


1. Elided

2. Some Absolute Means

3. TC-377 Poem

4. Mass Noun

5. Idea for Contradiction 1


1. And Therefore the Moonlight

2. The Last Wesbrook Lament

3. Discovered in Flat

4. Sfumato

5. Idea for Contradiction 2

6. More Words for Mistake

Besides as the often-quoted William Basinski reference point, the music here recalls the visceral media-decay of early ‘00s operators like Fennesz, Belong, Desormais, Philip Jeck or Pimmon. 'Idea for Contradiction 2' Is like a massively overdriven or sandpaper-scoured version of Brian Eno's 'An Ending' or some shredded Colin Stetson stem.

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