Shards 'Find Sound' LP pre-order (release date 30th August)


Shards 'Find Sound' LP pre-order (release date 30th August)


Shards - ‘Find Sound’ vinyl LP on Erased Tapes.

This LP is released on Friday 30th August.

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All preorders will be sent so that you will receive it on release date (UK only and subject to Royal Mail delivery).

Tracklisting -

1. Find Sound

2. Summer Sickness

3. Dissect

4. Thoughts

5. Beams

6. Lost

7. Nebulous

8. Unrest

9. Inner Counterpoint

10. I Needed The Sun

Combining voices, synths and percussion, Find Sound is an astonishing exploration of the human voice; using the concepts of sound and light as simple metaphors for gaining understanding. The album’s pieces are intended to be miniature sonic paintings, with each adding to an overall picture of the emotional confusion of early adulthood: the uncertainty, the excitement, the terror and relief.

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