WHY? 'Aokohio' ltd red vinyl LP pre-order (release date 30th August)


WHY? 'Aokohio' ltd red vinyl LP pre-order (release date 30th August)


WHY? - ‘Aokohio’ limited red coloured vinyl LP.

This coloured edition is exclusive to indie stores like us.

Please note that due to the limited nature of this LP, we will only sell 1 copy per customer/household, multiple orders will be cancelled.

This LP is released on Friday 30th August.

We are taking orders for this LP - guarantee your copy now!

All preorders will be sent so that you will receive it on release date (UK only and subject to Royal Mail delivery).

Tracklisting -

1. Apogee

2. The Rash

3. Peel Free II: I’ve been carving my elbows, I might just take flight.

4. Reason

5. Deleterio Motilis

6. Stained Glass Slipper III: Please take me home, I don’t belong here.

7. The Launch

8. High Dive

9. Mr. Fifths’ Plea

10. Good Fire IV: The surgeon nervously goes on, he never claimed to be God.

11. Narcissistic Lamentation

12. Krevin’

13. The Crippled Physician

14. Ustekinumab V: I want to live with conviction, in silence and diction.

15. My Original

16. Rock Candy

17. Once Shy VI: Though I’m tired, I’m still trying.

18. The Shame

19. Bloom Wither Bloom (for Mom)

Yoni Wolf has spent the last two decades traveling the remote sonic terrain where underground hip hop, avant-pop, and psych-rock meet. On AOKOHIO, Yoni Wolf condenses the essential elements of WHY? into a stunningly potent musical vision.

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