Fleetwood Mac 'Fleetwood Mac Alternate' LP


Fleetwood Mac 'Fleetwood Mac Alternate' LP


Fleetwood Mac - 'Fleetwood Mac Alternate' 180g vinyl LP

Please note, due to the limited nature of this RSD title, we will only sell one copy per customer/household and a maximum of 10 titles, whether in person in store or online.

Multiple purchases will be cancelled. 

Tracklisting -

Side 1

1. Monday Morning (Early Take)

2. Warm Ways (Early Take)

3. Blue Letter (Early Take)

4. Rhiannon (Early Take)

5. Over My Head (Early Take)

6. Crystal (Early Version)

Side 2

1. Say You Love Me (Early Version)

2. Landslide (Early Version)

3. World Turning (Early Version)

4. Sugar Daddy (Early Take)

5. I’m So Afraid (Early Version)

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