Josephine Foster 'Hazel Eyes I Will Lead You' LP

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Josephine Foster 'Hazel Eyes I Will Lead You' LP


Josephine Foster – ‘Hazel Eyes I Will Lead You’ black vinyl with reverse board sleeve.

This title will only be on sale in our Cambridge shop on Saturday 13th April from 8am - should we have any copies left over, these will be on sale here from 12.01am on Saturday 20th April.

Please note, due to the limited nature of this title, we will only sell one copy per customer/household and a maximum of 10 titles, whether in person in store from Saturday 13th April or online from Saturday 20th April.

Multiple purchases will be cancelled.

Tracklisting -

1 The Siren's Admonition

2 Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You

3 By The Shape Of Your Pearls

4 Stones Throw From Heaven

5 Where There Are Trees

6 The Golden Wooden Tone

7 There Are Eyes Above

8 Celebrant's Song

9 Good News

10 Trees Lay By

11 The Pruner's Pair

12 Crackerjack Fool

13 The Way Is Sweetly Mown

14 Hominy Grits

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