Angel-Ho 'Death Becomes Her' LP

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Angel-Ho 'Death Becomes Her' LP


Angel-Ho - ‘Death Becomes Her’ vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

A1. Business

A2. Drama

A3. Like A Girl ft. K Rizz

A4. Jacomina

A5. Muse To You

A6. Good Friday Daddy ft. Queezy

B1. Cupido

B2. Live

B3. Desity

B4. Pose

B5. Bussy B6. Baby Tee ft. K-$

B7. Like That

B8. Parachute

Angel re-orientates the usual trans-atlantic pop sound to encompass a brace of experimental, diasporic producers to create beats that alternate between angular, propulsive, murky, loose, abrasive and breezy.

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