Basement 'Beside Myself' coloured vinyl LP

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Basement 'Beside Myself' coloured vinyl LP


Basement - ‘Beside Myself’ clear/solid mixed red vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

Side A

01. Disconnect

02. Be Here Now

03. Nothing Left

04. Ultraviolet

05. Keepsake

06. Changing Lanes

Side B

07. Stigmata

08. New Coast

09. Just A Life

10. Slip Away

11. Reason For Breathing

12. Right Here

BESIDE MYSELF is not a concept record, but themes of the album do often relate to the inability of being comfortable in one’s skin. Being concerned about the future, troubled about the past, and how difficult it can be to exist in the moment. Produced by Colin Brittain and Basement, and mixed by Rich Costey (At The Drive In, Muse, Biffy Clyro), BESIDE MYSELF marks Basement’s Warner Bros debut and follows their 2016 breakthrough, PROMISE EVERYTHING.

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