Bernard Herrmann 'Marnie (OST)' super deluxe coloured vinyl 2LP + 7" reissue


Bernard Herrmann 'Marnie (OST)' super deluxe coloured vinyl 2LP + 7" reissue


Bernard Herrmann - ‘Marnie (OST)’ super deluxe scarlet scarlet coloured double 180g vinyl LP cut at 45rpm reissue in gatefold sleeve with bonus 7”, CD, poster and mp3 download of LP, CD & unused/alt cuts.

Tracklisting -

A1. Prelude

A2. Marnie

A3. Forio

A4. Red Flowers

A5. The Shampoo

A6. The Bowl

A7. No. 9

A8. Want Ad

A9. The Stranger

A10. Red Ink

A11. The Drawer

B1. The Storm

B2. Red Jacket

B3. The Homestead

B4. Romance

B5. The Safe

B6. Encounter

B7. The Wedding

B8. The Porch

B9. The Checkbook

B10. The Bridal Suite

B11. The Cabin

B12. Alone

B13. The Shadow

C1. Love Scene

C2. The Pool

C3. Homecoming

C4. The Window

C5. Telephone

C6. The Horse

C7. The Nightmare

C8. The Book

C9. Mr Strutt (Film version)

C10. The Word Game

C11. The Hunt

D1. Forio’s Fall

D2. Forio’s Death

D3. The Stairs / The Keys / The Stairway

D4. The Dial

D5. The Money

D6. The Gun

D7. Departure

D8. The Street

D9. Flashback II

D10. Blood

D11. Farewell

D12. Finale

D13. Cast

[Additional CD tracks - in track sequence]

49. Flashback I (unused)

50. Mr Strutt (alternate)

51. Shock (unused)


A1. Marnie Main Theme

B1. Nat King Cole - Marnie

A 1964 American Psychological thriller from The Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, based upon the novel by Winston Graham and starring Tippi Hedren & Sean Connery. ‘Marnie’ sees Hedren’s anti-heroine, a thief with erythrophobia, blackmailed into marrying Sean Connery’s widower.

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