Fonda 500 'I Heart Fonda 500' LP

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Fonda 500   I Heart Fonda 500.JPG

Fonda 500 'I Heart Fonda 500' LP


Fonda 500 - 'I Heart Fonda 500' vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve with temporary tattoos on the Record Mountain label.

Tracklisting -

1. Beginning
2. 44
3. (Come On) Join the 500
4. Just Adjust To It
5. The 44th Module
6. Golden Digits of Devilry
7. I Heart Fonda 500
8. Mattermathiques
9. The Hi Fidelity Return of the Lo Fidelity Spaceman (Mexican Splashdown)
10. Helicoptore
11. Come On Get Lost in Musique
12. Joined Up Minds
13. The Hearts That Rarely Roar
14. Elektrik Soundz
15. Warmth & Wonder (Simultaneous Island Dream)
16. Everlasting Song of Summer Suns
17. The End is The Beginning

Almost a decade in the making, lo-fi pop pioneers Fonda 500 are back with their magnum opus, I (heart) Fonda 500. A sonic mixing bowl of influences, genres and styles, the album finds the band at the peak of their inventive power, flitting gloriously from epic intergalactic soundscapes to scuzzy sunshine pop, from ice-cool electronica to moments of lowest-fi acoustic tenderness

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