Grey Hairs 'Health & Social Care' ltd red vinyl LP


Grey Hairs 'Health & Social Care' ltd red vinyl LP


Grey Hairs - ‘Health & Social Care’ limited clear red vinyl LP with download code.

Limited to just 500 copies.

Tracklisting -

1. Hydropona

2. Piss Transgressor

3. Ghost In Your Own Life

4. Capable Man

5. Tail To Teeth

6. Tory Nurse

7. Breathing In Breathing Out

8. Kernels Of Eyes

9. The Nag

10. Glugs

'Health & Social Care' is an expansion of the band's sound that recalls elements of The Birthday Party, Laughing Hyenas, The Jesus Lizard or of a downer-fuelled B52s and what surf music sounds like coming from the most land-locked part of the country.

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