Haiku Salut 'There Is No Elsewhere' LP

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Haiku Salut 'There Is No Elsewhere' LP


Haiku Salut - 'There Is No Elsewhere' vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

1. Cold To Crack The Stones

2. Occupy

3. For Twinklr

4. The More And Moreness

5. Bow Wood

6. We Are All Matter

7. Choke Points

8. Nettles

9. I Am Who I Remind You Of

10. Shadows

'There Is No Elsewhere' is Haiku Salut's third album and sees the acclaimed trio from Derbyshire continue their distinctive re-imagining of dreampop and rural electronica. Influenced by the evocative film soundtracks of Yann Tiersen and Benoît Charest, the genre-melting electronica of early Múm, and the impressionistic writing of Haruki Murakami, the band have previously released two critically acclaimed albums whilst last year they collaborated with Public Service Broadcasting on the track "They Gave Me A Lamp", which featured on the PSB's top five album, Every Valley. Yet it is this release that sees the band finally find their place, both musically and politically.

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