Jadu Heart 'Melt Away' 2LP

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Jadu Heart 'Melt Away' 2LP


Jadu Heart - ‘Melt Away’ double vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve with A5 booklet.

Tracklisting -

LP 1:

1. The Cure

2. Forgotten Ghosts

3. I’m A Kid

4. Wanderlife

LP 2:

1. Heroin Song

2. The Omen

3. U Never Call Me

4. Zorah Come Home

5. Eu­phoria

6. Harry Brompton’s Ice Tea

7. Purity

8. Whitefang

9. Koora (Melt Away)

10. Diamond Day

The idiosyncratic young band, who perform adorned in hand-made masks, are a best-kept-secret whose early singles and EP have acquired the sort of hardcore global following

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