Jennifer Castle 'Angels of Death' LP

Jennifer Castle - Angels of Death pob041.jpg
Jennifer Castle - Angels of Death pob041.jpg

Jennifer Castle 'Angels of Death' LP


Jennifer Castle - 'Angels of Death' 140g virgin vinyl LP with high resolution full album download code on the Paradise of Bachelors label.

Tracklisting -

A1. Tomorrow’s Mourning
A2. Crying Shame
A3. Texas
A4. Angels of Death
A5. ‘We Always Change’ Reprise Pt. 1
B1. Rose Waterfalls
B2. Grim Reaper
B3. Stars of Milk
B4. Tonight the Evening
B5. ‘We Always Change’ Reprise Pt. 2

On Jennifer Castle’s new album Angels of Death, her third full-length record under her given name (previous releases were credited to Castlemusic), the Ontario songwriter summons a kindred classical vision of the Muses as domestic familiars intimately in league with death. A sublime meditation on mortality and memory, ghosts and grief, Angels of Death casts a series of spells against forgetting and finality, in the form of mystic-minimalist country-soul torch songs about writing, time travel, and spectral visitations.

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