Kevin Krauter ‘Toss Up’ LP

Kevin Krauter - Toss Up   br017.jpg
Kevin Krauter - Toss Up   br017.jpg
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Kevin Krauter ‘Toss Up’ LP


Kevin Krauter - ‘Toss Up’ black vinyl LP on the Bayonet Records label.

Tracklisting -

1. Cowboy Chloe

2. Lonely Boogie

3. Rollerskate

4. Suddenly

5. Restless

6. Keep Falling In Love

7. Who Do You Know

8. Barely On My Mind

9. Toss Up

Kevin Krauter (Hoops) has announced his debut solo album. An insightful songwriter with a lyrical style that is both economical and evocative, Krauter crafts unique soundscapes that scramble a range of influences—‘60s flower pop, ‘70s easy listening, ‘80s New Wave, ‘90s alt-radio, ’00s indie rock. The secret tension on Toss Up, the engine that drives these songs: melody propelled by rhythm, melancholy fended off by the exuberance of simply creating art.

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