Kurt Vile 'Bottle It In' limited blue vinyl 2LP

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Kurt Vile 'Bottle It In' limited blue vinyl 2LP


Kurt Vile - ‘Bottle It In’ limited edition blue double vinyl LP with full album download code.

Please note that due to the limited nature of this blue vinyl 2LP, we will only sell 1 copy per customer/household, multiple purchases will be cancelled.

This blue vinyl 2LP is only available from UK indie stores such as ourselves.

Tracklisting -

1. Loading Zones
2. Hysteria
3. Yeah Bones
4. Bassackwards
5. One Trick Ponies
6. Rollin With The Flow
7. Check Baby
8. Bottle It In
9. Mutinies
10. Come Again
11. Cold Was The Wind
12. Skinny Mini
13. (bottle back)

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