Lloyd Parks & We The People 'Meet The People' LP reissue


Lloyd Parks & We The People 'Meet The People' LP reissue


Lloyd Parks & We The People - 'Meet The People' vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

1. Reality
2. Life Ain’t Easy
3. You Hurt My Pride
4. Ordinary Man
5. Trench Town Girl
6. Ah Rock Dis Yah Bass Line
7. I Want To Go Home
8. I Love You Girlie

Kingston, Jamaica, spring 1978, and Lloyd Parks is taking his We The People band in to Joe Gibbs’ Studio to record the ‘Meet The People’ album. Lloyd has already achieved big local hits both as a solo singer and with the Termites, and had three solo albums released by Trojan in the UK.
Now, as a session musician, he is at the heart of Joe Gibbs’ quest for international success. That February his bass playing helped to propel Althea and Donna’s ‘Uptown Top Ranking’ to number one  in the British charts.
The ‘Meet The People’ album may have had limited distribution, but its rarity has only added to its strong reputation with aficionados over the years. Today its songs of reality still resonate, and vibrancy of the musicians still jumps out of the speakers.

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