M83 'DSVII' ltd pink vinyl 2LP


M83 'DSVII' ltd pink vinyl 2LP


M83 - ‘DSVII’ limited 180g double pink coloured vinyl LP with a galaxy/candy floss effect in Gatefold packaging.

Please note that due to the limited nature of this 2LP, we will only sell 1 copy per customer/household, multiple orders will be cancelled.

Tracklisting -

1. Hell Riders

2. A Bit of Sweetness

3. Goodbye Captain Lee

4. Colonies

5. Meet the Friends

6. Feelings

7. A Word of Wisdom

8. Lune De Fiel

9. Jeux D’Enfants

10. A Taste of the Dusk

11. Lunar Son

12. Oh Yes You’re There, Everyday

13. Mirage

14. Taifun Glory

15. Temple of Sorrow

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