Major Murphy 'No. 1' LP

Major Murphy - No. 1  wsp025.jpg
Major Murphy - No. 1  wsp025.jpg
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Major Murphy 'No. 1' LP


Major Murphy - 'No. 1' black vinyl LP on the Winspear label..

Tracklisting -

1. No. 1
2. Who I Will Be
3. Mary
4. Radi-Yum
5. My C. C. Blues
6. Step Out
7. One Day
8. Jesus
9. When I Go Out
10. Lisa, Robbi, And Me

Brimming with jangly guitar, bright riffs, synth-sheened grooves, and commanding backing vocals, Major Murphy's debut reimagines 1970s radio rock with bristling sensitivity for our present era. Not quite pastiche, the lyrics of songwriter Jacob Bullard come from millennials’ unique cache of societal anxiety and ego-crises.

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