Manu Delago 'Parasol Peak' coloured vinyl LP


Manu Delago 'Parasol Peak' coloured vinyl LP


Manu Delagp - ‘Parasol Peak’ silver coloured heavyweight vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

1. Parasol Woods

2. Alpine Brook

3. North Cluster

4. Ridge View

5. Lake Serenade

6. Listening Glacier

7. Parasol Peak

8. Base Camp

Pioneer of the hang (handpan), captivating musician Manu Delago has announced the forthcoming release of a unique and awe-inspiring movie and accompanying album, Parasol Peak out September 7th, in which Delago leads an ensemble of 7 musicians on a mountaineering expedition in The Alps. Along the way, the group perform a collection of brand new compositions in different locations, at varying altitudes.

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