Maps 'Colours. Reflect. Time. Loss' white vinyl LP


Maps 'Colours. Reflect. Time. Loss' white vinyl LP


Maps - ‘Colours. Reflect. Time. Loss.’ white coloured vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

1 Surveil

2 Both Sides

3 Howl Around

4 Wildfire

5 Just Reflecting

6 She Sang To Me

7 Sophia

8 The Plans We Made

9 New Star

10 You Exist In Everything

From the desk in James Chapman’s home studio, you can see two big influences on ‘Colours. Reflect. Time. Loss’, his stunning fourth album under the name Maps. One is the rolling Northamptonshire countryside beyond the window, which provides peace, isolation and inspiration. The other is the bust of classical composer Vaughan Williams sitting on the desk.

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