Marissa Nadler 'For My Crimes' smoke vinyl LP


Marissa Nadler 'For My Crimes' smoke vinyl LP


Marissa Nadler - 'For My Crimes' 180g smoke coloured vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

1. For My Crimes

2. I Can't Listen to Gene Clark Anymore

3. Are You Really Going to Move to the South?

4. Lover Release Me

5. Blue Vapor

6. Interlocking

7. All Out of Catastrophes

8. Dream Dream Big in the Sky

9. You're only Harmless When You Sleep

10. Flame Thrower

11. Said Goodbye to that Car

The eighth album from Marissa Nadler, For My Crimes, is the sound of turmoil giving way to truth. The songs stare down the dark realization that love may not be enough to keep two people together through distance and differing needs. By asking these difficult questions about her relationships, Nadler has found a stronger sense of self and a sharper voice as both a songwriter and a vocalist, culminating in her most evocative entry in an already impressive discography.

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