Montero 'Performer' LP


Montero 'Performer' LP


Montero - 'Performer' black vinyl LP on the Chapter label.

Tracklisting -

1. Montero Airlines
2. Aloha
3. Caught Up In My Own World
4. Running Race
5. Performer
6. Quantify
7. Vibrations
8. Tokin’ The Night Away
9. Destiny
10. Pilot

Montero is Australian musician and artist Ben Montero. New album Performer was recorded at Mark Ronson’s Tileyard studios in London. It is co-produced by Ben, Jay Watson of Tame Impala /Pond / Gum, and Grammy Award winning engineer Riccardo Damian. All instruments were played by Ben, Jay and Riccardo, save some violin by Emily, a waitress from the studio cafe, and electric piano from Ben’s uncle Jason. Performer glories in the widescreen soft rock tradition, updating the romantic classicism of golden era love songs with a psychedelic pop brush. Montero's music evokes the extended soundscapes and textures of 70s prog, the easy listening adult weirdness of Jimmy Webb and Burt Bacharach, and the sports arena pounding of vintage MOR rock - sometimes all in the space of one song. With an emphasis on clear vocals, soaring melodies, lush instrumentation and dreamy glam pomp, Performer ventures into gently surreal realms of romance, yearning, and wonder.

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