Penelope Trappes 'Penelope TWO' LP


Penelope Trappes 'Penelope TWO' LP


Penelope Trappes - ‘Penelope TWO’ vinyl LP on the Houndstooth label.

Tracklisting -

01 Silence

02 Connector

03 Burn On

04 Kismet

05 Carry Me

06 Maeve

07 Exodus

08 Farewell

09 For You

10 Nite Hive

Elements from multiple sources are subsumed by Trappes’ sonic presence; one hears Baldametti and Julee Criuse’s work for ‘Blue Velvet’ and Twin Peaks, Galazie 500 and Slowdive’s dreampop, the schorched comedowns of early Primal Scream, Tuxedomoon and Colin Newman’s dark melancholia, plus contemporaries like Grouper, Tropic Of Cancer and Sky H1.

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