Ronny Jordan 'Antidote' ltd coloured vinyl LP reissue

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Ronny Jordan 'Antidote' ltd coloured vinyl LP reissue


Ronny Jordan - ‘Antidote’ limited gold coloured 180g vinyl LP reissue.

Limited to just 1000 copies.

Please note that we will only sell 1 copy per customer/household on this release, multiple orders will be cancelled.

Tracklisting -


1. Get To Grips

2. Blues Grinder

3. After Hours (The Antidote)

4. See The New


1. So What

2. Show Me (Your Love)

3. Nite Spice

4. Summer Smile

As an influential artist in the acid jazz movement of the ‘90s, Ronny Jordan released his debut album The Antidote. “After Hours” is without a doubt the signature track on the album, and one of the most brilliant songs of his oeuvre. The well structured album focuses on different parts of the jazz movement, including a fantastic crossover cover of the Miles Davis classic “So What”.

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