Sepultura 'Roots (expanded edition)' 2LP reissue


Sepultura 'Roots (expanded edition)' 2LP reissue


Sepultura - 'Roots (expanded edition)' 180g vinyl double LP reissue in a gatefold sleeve.

Tracklisting -

Side A
1. Roots Bloody Roots
2. Attitude
3. Cut-Throat
4. Ratamahatta
5. Breed Apart
6. Straighthate
Side B
1. Spit
2. Lookaway
3. Dusted
4. Born Stubborn
5. Jasco
6. Itsári
7. Ambush
Side C
1. Endangered Species
2. Dictatorshit
3. Ratamahatta – 2 Meter Sessions
4. Roots Bloody Roots – 2 Meter Sessions
5. Attitude – 2 Meter Sessions
6. Kaiowas – Take One *
Side D
1. Procreation (Of The Wicked)
2. Roots Bloody Roots – Demo
3. Attitude – Instrumental
4. Cutthroat – Instrumental
5. Dictatorshit – Instrumental
6. Untitled – Demo
7. R.D.P. – Demo
8. Dusted – Demo

just a few short months later and in 1987, with the departure of Jairo and addition of guitarist Andreas Kisser, the solid line up of Sepultura was final. The band quickly became an influential force in heavy metal music thanks to its dynamic studio recordings and intense live performances selling nearly 20 million albums worldwide.

Three years after Chaos A.D., the band returned with Roots, an album that was deeply influenced by Brazilian rhythms, which were incorporated into tracks like “Itsári” and “Ratamahatta.” Since its release in 1996, the album has sold more than two million copies worldwide.

Roots: Expanded Edition features a newly remastered version of the original album, plus 17 bonus tracks. Standouts include demos for “Dusted” and “Roots Bloody Roots,” instrumental versions of “Dictatorshit” and “Cutthroat,” a version of “Attitude” recorded live at Ozzfest, and the unreleased first take of “Kaiowas.”

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