Show Me The Body 'Dog Whistle' LP

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Show Me The Body 'Dog Whistle' LP


Show Me The Body - ‘Dog Whistle’ vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

Side A

1. Camp Orchestra

2. Not For Love

3. Animal In A Dream

4. Badge Grabber

5. Drought

Side B

1. Forks And Knives

2. Now I Know

3. Madonna Rocket

4. Arcanum

5. Die For The Earth To Live

6. USA Lullaby

This album and this music does not belong to a political party. No authority, political movement, or side may claim the function of our music in this society. This album is personal. It is about and for the disenfranchised youth of this city, of this country, and of this earth. It is for our community and anyone who may find shelter within it.

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