Snow Patrol 'Wildness' LP

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Snow Patrol 'Wildness' LP


Snow Patrol – 'Wildness' 180g black vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

A1. Life On Earth
A2. Don’t Give In
A3. Heal Me
A4. Empress
A5. A Dark Switch
B1. What If This Is All The Love?
B2. A Youth Written In Fire
B3. Soon
B4. Wild Horses
B5. Life And Death

On May 25 th , Snow Patrol will return with Wildness, their first album in seven years, which finds the band searching for clarity, connection, and meaning, while staying true to the melodic songwriting prowess that brought them to prominence. Wildness taps into something raw and primitive, and lead-singer and songwriter Gary Lightbody says of the album: “There are many types of wildness, but I think it can be distilled into two: the wildness of the modern age, all it’s confusion, illogic and alienation and a more ancient wildness. Something primal, alive and beautiful that speaks to our true connectivity, our passion, our love, our communion with nature and each other. This is the kind of wildness the album is centered around. The loss of it. Trying to reconnect with it. To remember it.”

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