Spinning Coin 'Permo' LP

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Spinning Coin 'Permo' LP


Spinning Coin - 'Permo' vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

1. Raining On Hope Street
2. Tin
3. Money For Breakfast
4. Money Is A Drug
5. Metronome River
6. Magdalene
7. Floating With You
8. Be Free
9. Sides
10. Sleepless
11. Powerful
12. Starry Eyes
13. Running With The World
14. I Feel The Need To Be An Actor

Over the space of three years, two singles and countless gigs, including tour supports with Teenage Fanclub and Real Estate, Glasgow’s Spinning Coin have determinedly, and with single-minded purpose, made their music heard: beautifully rough-hewn guitar pop that takes in frustration, escapism, but also gracefulness and splendour, in equal measure.

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