Stats 'Other People's Lives' ltd pink vinyl LP

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Stats 'Other People's Lives' ltd pink vinyl LP


Stats - ‘Other People’s Lives’ limited neon pink coloured vinyl LP.

Please note that due to the limited nature of this LP, we will only sell 1 copy per customer/household, multiple copy purchases will be cancelled.

Tracklisting -

1. I Am An Animal

2. There Is A Story I Tell About My Life

3. Rhythm Of The Heart

4. Lose It

5. A Change Of Scenery

6. Other People's Lives

7. Raft

8. From A High Sky

9. The Family Business

10. A Man Who Makes The Weather

11. Never Loved Anyone

Musically Other People’s Lives is in many ways a time-stamp of a record, something that captures the now, the fleeting, the fickle and the forgotten – like that perfect moment lost on the dance floor. Yet the album avoids being tied to a time and place, ricocheting between 70s art rock, 80s synth grooves and cosmic disco, presented honestly and experimentally via the all-encompassing prism of pop music.

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