The BellRays 'Punk Funk Rock Soul, Vol 2' LP


The BellRays 'Punk Funk Rock Soul, Vol 2' LP


The BellRays - 'Punk Funk Rock Soul, Vol 2' black vinyl LP.

Tracklisting -

1. Bad Reaction
2. I Can’t Hide
3. Man Enough
4. Perfect
5. Brand New Day
6. Junior High
7. Never Let A Woman
8. Every Chance I Get
9. Now
10. Love and Hard Times

Punk. Funk. Rock. Soul. The main ingredients in a potent witch’s brew that The BellRays have been mixing for a long time now. Returning with their first full new album since the release of ‘Black Lightning’ in 2010, ‘Punk Funk Rock Soul Volume 2’ follows the release of ‘Volume One’, the four-track taster EP released in 2017 as an appetiser for the main feast. ‘Volume Two’ arrives February 2nd. If music is food for the soul, then The BellRays are thanksgiving and they know how to cook. The BellRays strip down to the meat of what music means to them.  Growing up in SoCal, they thrived on radio channels that broadcast more than one kind of music. It was a party. ‘Punk Funk Rock Soul’ is their party with their songs and friends.

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