The Essex Green ‘Hardly Electronic’ LP

Essex Green - Hardly Electronic   mrg633.jpg
Essex Green - Hardly Electronic   mrg633.jpg
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The Essex Green ‘Hardly Electronic’ LP


The Essex Green - ‘Hardly Electronic’ black vinyl LP with MP3 download code on the Merge Records label.

Tracklisting -

A1. Sloane Ranger

A2. The 710

A3. Don’t Leave It in Our Hands

A4. In the Key of Me

A5. Modern Rain

B1. Catatonic

B2. Patsy Desmond

B3. Bye Bye Crow

B4. Another Story

B5. Bristol Sky

Hardly Electronic is a music mapping of the trio that is Essex Green's personal journeys over the past decade. Fans will recognize The Essex Green’s signature sound in this work of wax: stacks of harmonies, upbeat melodies telling melancholy tales, layers of keys and sparkling Telecasters. Their time-honored custom of fusing obsession with spontaneity has been refined through experience and wisdom. Hardly Electronic explores the evolution of old friendships, the sadness of losing touch, the inadequacies of technology, and finally, the desire for reconnection.

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