'The Walking Dead' Original Soundtrack coloured vinyl 2LP

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'The Walking Dead' Original Soundtrack coloured vinyl 2LP


'The Walking Dead' original soundtrack, composed by Bear McCreary, on 140g multicoloured vinyl double LP in double gatefold sleeve and printed inners, with 12x24'' poster and liner notes. (colour not finalised)

Tracklisting -

1. Theme From The Walking Dead
2. Rick’s Despair
3. Glenn’s Wheels
4. Lord Of The Vatos
5. Bag Of Guns
6. Message To Morgan
7. Herd On The Highway
8. Sophia
9. Coalescence
10. Eulogy
11. Carl
12. Farm Invasion
13. Beside The Dying Fire
14. C-Section
15. The Governor
16. Bye, Baby Bunting
17. A Return To Compassion
18. The Badge
19. Welcome To The Tombs
20. Reconciliation
21. Three Questions
22. Negan
23. The Day Will Come

First time ever release of the highly anticipated score to the global hit AMC series by Emmy Award Winning Composer Bear McCreary!

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