'Daughters Of Darkness' Original Soundtrack transparent vinyl LP reissue


'Daughters Of Darkness' Original Soundtrack transparent vinyl LP reissue


‘Daughters Of Darkness’ Original Soundtrack, composed by François De Roubaix, on limited transparent vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve.

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Tracklisting -


1. Daughters Of Darkness (Opening)

2. Amour Sur Les Rails / Love On The Rails

3. Les Lèvres Rouges / Red Lips

4. Arrivée Au Manoir / Arrival At The Manor

5. La Comtesse Bathory (Halo) / Countess Bathory (Halo)

6. Ballade À Bruges / Ballad In Bruges

7. La Comtesse Et L’inspecteur / The Countess And The Inspector

8. Le Récit Des Tortures Et Des Vampires / Tale Of Torture And Vampires

9. Valérie, Ilona Et Stefaan

10. Les Dunes D’ostende, Flagellation / The Dunes Of Ostend, Flagellation


1. Le Baiser De La Comtesse / The Countess’s Kiss

2. La Morsure De La Comtesse / The Countess’s Bite

3. L’orgue Et Le Piano Fantômes / The Phantom Organ And Piano

4. Poursuite Sur Les Dunes D’ostende / Pursuit On The Dunes Of Ostend

5. Accident Et Cymbalum / Accident And Cymbalum

6. Daughters Of Darkness (Ending)

Bonus (Not Used In Movie):

7. La Fanfare De Bruges / The Bruges Band

8. Dracula 68 Woodstock (Des Poissons Et Des Hommes / Of Fish And Men)

Soundtrack to the cult Belgian horror film Daughters of Darkness. According to film critic Geoffrey O'Brien it's one of the classier lesbian vampire films. The album itself is some of François De Roubaix's best work, appropriately seductive and intriguing.

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