'The Man Who Fell To Earth' Original Soundtrack 2LP


'The Man Who Fell To Earth' Original Soundtrack 2LP

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'The Man Who Fell To Earth' original soundtrack on double 180g vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve.

LP1 -

1. Poker Dice - Stomu Yamashta
2. Jazz II
3. Boys from the South
4. 33 1/3 - Stomu Yamashta
5. Rhumba Boogie
6. Mandala - Stomu Yamashta
7. Wind Words - Stomu Yamashta
8. Jazz

LP2 -

1. One Way - Stomu Yamashta
2. Space Capsule
3. Bluegrass Breakdown
4. Desert Shack
5. Memory of Hiroshima - Stomu Yamashta
6. Window
7. Alberto
8. Liar, Liar
9. Hello Mary Lou
10. The Man Who Fell to Earth

All tracks written and scored by John Phillips unless otherwise noted.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nicolas Roeg’s enigmatic, David Bowie film, comes the release of the original soundtrack. Previously unavailable in any form until now, the soundtrack contains seminal pieces by Stomu Yamashta and John Phillips, who composed specifically for the film.

The film’s score has always been highly celebrated and long sought after by fans but until now unavailable as a body of work: it can now finally be acknowledged in its own right. Little is known, and much has been asked, as to why the soundtrack was never originally released.

Due to lost tapes recently being uncovered it is now possible to present the original recordings, remastered on 2LP gatefold 180GM vinyl.

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