Joy Division 'Substance' 2LP reissue

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Joy Division 'Substance' 2LP reissue

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Joy Division - 'Substance' double 180g vinyl LP reissue.


1. Warsaw
2. Leaders Of Men
3. Digital
4. Autosuggestion
5. Transmission
6. She's Lost Control
7. Incubation
8. Dead Souls
9. Atmosphere
10. Love Will Tear Us Apart
11. No Love Lost
12. Failures
13. Glass
14. From Safety To Where
15. Novelty
16. Komakino
17. These Days
18. As You Said
19. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Pennine version)

This new heavyweight double vinyl edition features audio remastered in 2010 for the +- singles box and for the first time on vinyl, the expanded tracklist from the original CD release, plus two additional songs: “As You Said” and the Pennine version of “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”

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